Take the stress out of agreeing child care.

Stress-free childcare arrangements

  • Arrange child care without the need to contact your ex-partner
  • Tell us what works for you and we'll propose solutions for you to consider
  • If no agreement is reached, we'll help you find one

How does it work?





Both parents select dates and times for pick up and drop off. Our system looks for matching information and then pairs it.  
Once enough information has been paired, a proposal is then designed and sent to the parents for their approval.
If you both approve, we will create a schedule and automatically update the app with the arrangements.
Digital appointment cards are provided as a reminder and a record.

The result

No direct contact between parents.

Often contact between parents is good for the child.  However, regular contact after separation can be stressful and even counter-productive. 


Create a schedule for regular care.

Pick from suggested and proven child care models, developed with the advice of experienced separated parents, and amend it to suit your life.

and if you just can't agree on something...

We use our client base to reduce the cost of experienced dispute resolution experts.


They can quickly and fairly help you find agreement on anything, from a change to the weekly schedule to one-off disputes, such as arrangements for Christmas or summer holidays.


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